Web Development Process: 5 Steps to Create a Website

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Over the past few years, we have served more than 1400 small businesses, startups, and business owners in the planning, designing, and developing of websites. We discovered that most people need a solid understanding of the website development process. After all, visitors typically visit your website first. For that reason, it must provide a pleasant experience.

Anyone can develop a website comparatively fast, efficiently, and for free, thanks to the availability of user-friendly platforms like WordPress and Wix. This is a beautiful option for people that need an online presence and doesn’t have the resources to pay for a high-quality website. We need art and science to create a professional website that generates results.

Whether you are developing a website or hiring a web design company, a simple five-step method should be followed. These are the steps:

  1. Purchase hosting
  2.  Register the domain
  3.  Install the WordPress
  4.  Choose a theme
  5.  Start building your dream website

Also, you must finish all the preliminary work before getting sucked into developing a lousy website.

Step #1 Choose a domain name

The domain name is the name and URL connected to your brand and website. People tend to find your website by your brand name. Like our company’s name Devfor, our domain is devfor.co . Anyone with internet access can access your website from anywhere, at any time, regardless of where you are. A typical domain name typically costs $10 to $20 annually and is renewed annually. Your web hosting services are also connected to domains. These two can communicate with one another and link to the database where your website is stored, making your domain visible to the rest of the world on the Internet.

Step #2 Find a web-hosting company

Once you have registered your domain, the second stage in building a website is picking a web host. You are connected to the Internet because of a WebHost. Once your web host has copied your web pages on their server, the entire world can access and view the content of your website. Usually, you need to create an account or join up on the web hosting company’s website to have web host services.

Step #3 Install the WordPress

Some people set up WordPress on a local server to build themes and plugins or to experiment with different ideas. You don’t need to install WordPress on your computer if all you want to do is create a public blog website.

However, you can easily create articles and pages, improve the appearance of your website, including navigation menus, and do much more. Amateurs can easily maintain their websites with WordPress without facing any technical problems.

Step #4 Choose a theme to go with

Take your website’s theme as its “skin.” However, the website’s structure will need to be created by you. You can still change the theme without having any impact on the system. Several themes are available, including blog themes, eCommerce templates, creative themes, entertainment, etc. There are thousands of themes available, both free and premium. Well, the WordPress theme directory is where you can find thousands of themes for your business.

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To select a theme, use the search bar or browse the list of articles. For more details or to download the theme file, hover over a piece. After downloading the file, could you keep it in zip format? Later, you’ll use that file to install.

To find paid themes, you can visit Themeforest.net. They have plenty of articles that offer more flexibility, adaptability, and customizability.

Step #5 Build your dream website

Once you’ve found your dream theme design, you’re finally ready to develop your website. You can now begin building your website after discovering your ideal theme design. All the bolts and nuts are assembled during this technical step. If careful planning and effective designing have been done, designing and developing a website should be relatively quick, depending on the project size.

When dealing with the website development process, who does what can ultimately impact how well your project turns out. You could save a lot of money by brainstorming, studying different methods for the project, putting out a plan that includes the best theme for your business and all written material, and then giving it to a website development company to design and build.


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